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Terms of Hire

Terms and Conditions of Hire

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Property Loss and Damage
FVBSC does not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of personal property. Function organisers and their guests, as well as general patrons of the club, are financially responsible for any damage sustained to FVBSC premises; this includes, but is not limited to, AV equipment, buildings, surrounds, and gardens. Function organisers and their guests are free to decorate function rooms; however, no sticky tape, glue or masking tape is to be used on the walls, rooves or windows.

FVBSC does not offer private parking. FVBSC does not accept responsibility for patron parking; this includes parking in any no standing zones, on the street, or in loading areas.

FVBSC accepts no responsibility for persons or property damaged outside the club's boundaries; this includes damaged sustained in transit to and from the venue.

Rules of Rink and Venue Hire
Casual bowlers may wear flat-sole shoes, thongs or socks, or may bowl barefoot on FVBSC greens; any footwear with a heel or wedge must not be worn on FVBSC greens. No smoking, drinking, or eating is permitted on FVBSC's greens.

Patrons are expected to listen and follow the instructions of FVBSC staff when using FVBSC facilities. Barefoot bowlers are expected to respect the rules of the club and green use, and are advised that, if failing to do so, may be asked to cease bowling, with full forfeiture of Rink Hire cost.

Bowls must not be dropped, lobbed, thrown, or driven by barefoot bowlers; barefoot bowlers must play 'drawing' shots only (i.e. bowled slowly, approaching the jack, allowing for the bias of the bowl). Barefoot bowlers must play end to end. Barefoot bowlers must bowl from the bowling mat only, with one foot on the bowling mat when taking a shot. Only the player taking a shot can be on the green; all other players must stand on the raised ends whilst awaiting their turn.

Children aged between 3 and 12 years will be charged at a third of the adult rate for bowls; children under three years of age will only attract will attract no charge.

Patrons will be given two bowls per person.

FVBSC’s northern green is a members-only green; no patron is to bowl on the northern green unless so designated by FVBSC staff.

All prices are subject to change without notice and are current only at the time of publication. Any changes in pricing will be advised directly to the client.

A $1 surcharge applies to all EFTPOS transactions.

FVBSC Function Deposits, Confirmation and Final Payments
To reserve any part of its venue or its facilities, FVBSC requires a deposit payment, to be taken at the time of booking. No 'tentative' bookings can be made; no areas or rinks will be held in reserve without deposit. For all Rink Hire reservation of ten or more people, FVBSC requires a $150 deposit ($200 for functions booked in December). For Rink Hire for numbers less than 10, a 50% deposit is required. FVBSC requires venue hire to be paid in advance.

Final numbers are to be confirmed and any payments outstanding settled no later than seven working days prior to the event (all functions booked for the December period need to be confirmed and paid no later than 15 working days prior to the event).

All payments made are non-refundable, unless patrons are unable to bowl on the day of their function due to inclement weather, in which case, any Rink Hire will be refunded in full, or else payment can be carried over to a rearranged date. Please note that FVBSC defines a washed-out green as visible surface water on the green.

It is the responsibility of function organisers to ensure all guests are aware of commencement and completion times for all forms of hire through FVBSC (e.g. rink hire, BBQ hire, or venue hire). All times for hire are to be adhered to.

Smoking Policy
Smoking is not permitted in any indoor or enclosed areas at FVBSC, is neither permitted on the greens, nor in the clearly marked no-smoking zone before the clubhouse entrance ways.

Staff and Patron Health and Safety
Function organisers and their guests, as well as the general public are responsible for any injury sustained to other patrons, staff or members.

Food & Beverage
FVBSC is a fully licensed venue. No beverages of any kind are to be brought into the venue.

FVBSC does not permit outsourced catering, takeaway food, or pre-prepared hot food to be brought into the venue by patrons. FVBSC does permit items to be cooked on our barbeques, as a part of our barbeque hire, or items accompanying barbequed food (e.g. salads, coleslaw etc.), to be brought into the venue by patrons (all accompanying items must be cold). FVBSC accepts no responsibility for food brought into our venue by patrons. Please note our refrigeration facilities are not for public use.

FVBSC offers a range of catering options. Our bistro runs from Thursday to Saturday, and is open 5-9pm Thursday and Friday, 12-8pm on Saturday. Alternatively, we have a comprehensive catering document for pre-arranged catering. Please see the website for current menu options

FVBSC observes all responsible service of alcohol regulations. FVBSC reserves the right to refuse entry and service. FVBSC does not serve spirits straight or on ice; spirits must be served with a mixer. FVBSC does not serve jugs of spirits.

FVBSC management must be advised of any entertainment intended as a part of a function at FVBSC, no later than seven working days prior to the event (fifteen working days prior to the event if booked in December). Please note that noise restrictions apply to FVBSC, and will be strictly adhered to by FVBSC staff, and must be adhered to by entertainers, function organisers, their guests, as well as the general public; please consult with FVBSC management as to the content of these noise restrictions, if required. The continuance of entertainment on the day of the function is at the discretion of FVBSC management staff.

Bucks & Hens Parties
FVBSC strictly forbids nudity. Generally, unsavoury or untoward behaviour will not be tolerated. If any members of the party are found by our staff to be intoxicated, the party will be ejected from the venue. Any patron found sculling alcohol will be ejected from the premises immediately. If the party does not follow the directions for proper use of the green (as advised by FVBSC staff), they will be asked to stop bowling with full forfeiture of Rink Hire payment. FVBSC permits bucks functions during the day only (for a four hour period, no later than four o'clock); once the group has concluded either its session of bowling or its hire of our private beer garden areas, or both, the group will be expected to leave the premises immediately.

All information provided to the club will be protected and only used for the purpose of the informant’s function. FVBSC does not archive credit card details provided for payment over the phone.

Tabs and Credit Cards
For all bar tabs, FVBSC requires a credit card and a form of valid photo identification. All tabs must be settled before the conclusion of the day’s trade (on which the tab was opened). Any tabs left unsettled will be charged, unless FVBSC is contacted by the card holder to make other arrangements.

If credit/debit cards are left at FVBSC, we will contact the bank issuing the card and act on the advice of the bank.

Social Media

Social Media Acceptable Use Policy
FVBSC welcomes all comments on our social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. We want to hear from our members and guests about what they love about our venue and our achievements. You are welcome to express your views, comments, ideas, insights about the Fitzroy Victoria Bowling & Sports Club.

At the same time, you should show courtesy and respect to others and must not use our social media channels to abuse others, expose others to offensive or inappropriate content, or for any illegal purpose.

When using our social media channels, please ensure that you:

  • protect your personal privacy and that of others by not including personal information about yourself or others in your posts to our social media channels (for example, email addresses, private addresses or phone numbers);
  • represent your own views and not impersonate or falsely represent any other person;
  • are not abusive and do not harass or threaten others;
  • do not make defamatory or libellous comments;
  • do not use insulting, provocative or hateful language;
  • do not use obscene or offensive language;
  • do not post material to our social media channels that infringes the intellectual property rights of others;
  • do not post multiple versions of the same view to social media channels or make excessive postings on a particular issue;
  • do not promote commercial interests in your posts to our social media channels;
  • do not include internet addresses or links to websites, or any email addresses in your post to our social media channels; and
  • if you make an error, be up front about your mistake and correct it quickly. If you choose to modify an earlier post, make it clear that you have done so.

Fitzroy Victoria Bowling & Sports Club reserves the right to enforce this Acceptable Use Policy at its discretion. Fitzroy Victoria Bowling & Sports Club may remove or request removal of any posted messages that it considers to be in breach of the Policy. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Social media privacy statement
FVBSC may record any information posted to one of our social media channels (including Facebook and Twitter) and may use that information for the purpose of administering its social media channels and considering and/or addressing any comments made. No attempt will be made to further identify users of our social media channels except where authorised by law. Fitzroy Victoria Bowling & Sports Club is not responsible for the privacy practices or content included on our social media channels or any linked websites.

All patrons must be fully clothed at all times, including footwear (unless barefoot bowling).

No animals are to be brought into FVBSC under any circumstance (unless accompanying a patron for medical purposes).

No bikes, skateboards, etc. are to be ridden within the boundaries of the FVBSC.

No patron is to enter any back-of-house areas; this includes the bar, kitchen foyer and kitchen, sheds, office, locker rooms and dry or cool storage room areas. Patrons found trespassing on back-of-house areas will be ejected from the venue immediately.

Club Conduct and Behaviour Policy
FVBSC adheres to the ClubsVic code of conduct and behaviour policy, available by contacting ClubsVic. Employees, members and guests have the right to enjoy the venue without be subjected to behaviour that is unwanted, humiliates or offends them. FVBSC has the right to eject from the premises anyone who transgresses the ClubsVic code of conduct and behaviour policy.